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The super hot voucher double! Cash in twice now!
The super hot voucher double! Cash in twice now!
Want something better than a fat voucher? How about TWO fat vouchers? On the super hot voucher double you can save some real money now! And this is how it's done: You are getting 


and on Saturday

50, - EUR!

And you don't have to jump through any hoops to get it. Simply redeem your voucher on Friday and get another one the day after! Go for it!

Here is your voucher

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On Friday, 23.10.2020 you receive a voucher worth 20, - EUR, maximum valid until Saturday, 24.10.2020, 23:59! If you redeem this coupon on Sunday, you will get you another another voucher worth 50, - EUR on Monday, 07.05.2018, redeemable on the same day. The minimum payment to redeem the 20, - EUR voucher is 49.99 EUR, theminimum payment to redeem the 50, - EUR voucher is 149.99 EUR. A cash payment is not possible.